By the time that I was ten years old, I was playing chess. I became fairly good at it. In high school and in college I established the chess club and was an officer. I was never the best player, but one of the best.

During the summer I used to walk about five miles to Turkey Thicket and play baseball and chess. The only peson who could beat me was Mr. Ronald Woodson (Woody). I played in one city wide tournament and was a champion, if I am not mistaken.

One of the guys at Turkey Thicket used to show is disrespect for me by calling me a derogatory name. Then once he played me in chess and easily defeated him in evry game. After that he respected me and told me that he will never call me a derogatory name again.

In high school my best chess partners were Marty Waters and Michael Comberiati. Through Marty I also met Mel Gilbert.

In college Bob Doucette was probably the best player. He was the only student whom I could not beat. I played a very good game against Fr. Welsh and we had an audience. He won. But it was a battle.

For a year I aslo taught chess for the Y of Central Maryland. I enjoyed working with the kids. However, I did not enjoy working at Charles H. Hickey Jr. School, a reform school. Most of the kids did respect me once they realized how well I play. Only two of them ever beat me and they were really proud of their accomplishment.


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