Get involved in your community. If you don't, you have no excuse when things do not go the way that you want them to go.

My first involvement in my community was with Neighbors, Inc., in upper northwest Washington DC. It was here that I met Nancy Abbott who was the first woman that I photographed. She wanted to be a model. She was a wonderful woman and her father was fantastic. But I really did not get involved in the community here. It wa just a taste.

As a photographer, I had several opportunities to do work for my community and I accepted the opportunities. I did get burned on one assignment, Crossroads Africa. One man asked me to take a bunch of photographs and then he gave me a bad telephone numer. Also getting reimbursed from them for expenses was a real hassle.

In New Hampshire, I was registering to vote and took time to meet one of the candidates who was running for office. Unfortunately I do not remember his name now. I wish that I did. As we were talking, Joe DeMaria turned to me and said, "Have you ever thought about joining the Jaycees?" I replied that I do not own a business. He answer, "That does not matter." I then said, "I don't have a job." He said that also does not matter.

Next week he picked me up and took me to my first Jaycees meeting. The next meeting I was elected secretary.


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