This page will probably be expanding over the years. I have been blessed with many friends. Unfortunately I have lost contact with most and I hope that by creating this page I can get back in touch with some of them. I cannot remember the last names of many of my friends. Otherwise, I would mention them here. These are friends not associated with the Church.

One of my best friends in grammar school and throughout high school was Joseph Brady and his family. Joseph and I were in the same class throughout most of my grammar school at St. Martin in Washington and we also had many classes together at Archbishop John Carroll High School.

In college I made several very friends. Terrace McGinnis was one of them. He eventually went into the Navy and after I left college I lost touch with them. In our group we had Thomas Sullivan, John Hopkins (I think), and two others. I can no longer remember their names.

Winnie Roulier was another very good friend of mine in our freshman year. She and Alice Sullivan were roommates. Winnie went into the convent after our first year. Alice continued and graduated.

At meals I often ate with Dyanne Scagliarini, Sharon Stebbens, Bobbie Guccione, and Pat Ciufetti. I am still in contact with Dyanne. We were very good friends and they played an important role in my becoming a good photographer. I think that it was Bobbie who used to tease me all the time about shooting the back of heads. Later I noticed that on NFL football games the TV cameras are almost always shooting the back of heads of the coaches.

In my second year as we walked into French 121 Professor Boulanger assigned us permanent seats. Immediately after me walked in Karlene DeVeau. She and I have been very good friends for years after that.

Another friend from college is Frieda Bleeck. We have recently been back in touch with each other thanks through one of the Internet services.

There are other friends who were not as important then but today they are extremely important to me. Donna Harrington, Lorna Litton, and Gail Law are three of them. All three were beautiful blondes and real friends. They probably would be surprised today to hear that I consider them so important.

Lorna was from Mississippi. I was on the Orientation Committee and one day she was not participating in the activities as the other freshmen were. I asked her what was her problem and she said, "They're standing in poison ivy." I immediately ordered all the freshmen to move off the grass and onto the sidewalk. She was very allergic to poison ivy.

After three years of college I returned to Washington DC. There I joined the Catholic Club of Capitol Hill, thanks to Annie Laurie Burke. This is her married name. I also met a wonderful woman named Nanci Welch and she and I were becoming close until I startaed dating my ex-wife Ruth Witzel. Ruth and I got married and many of those at our wedding were from the Catholic Club of Capitol Hill and the Catholic Club of Forest Glen.

Because of Annie I met some other really good friends, including Joan Falcao.

I returned to college and graduated. After graduation Ruth left me on the day after Christmas. In time I entered the Air Force and was stationed at Robbins AFB GA.

In Tech School I met Gail Holliday who lived in New York. We had had some interesting conversations and I am sorry that we lost contact with each other.

At Robbins I had a few good friends. Unfortuntately I cannot remember the last names of many of them. I do remember Geoff Brewington and his wife Nicki Nann, and Walter Perry. Geoff and I were chess players. Paula Espinoza and Debbie Hall and I were very close. I also met Sarah Hogue and Susan Roberts from the local colleges. I photographed Susan twice. I lost contact with her after I moved to Texas.

In San Antonio I met Marianne Furhmann and I photographed her often. She was quite an interesting person. My roommate was Rodney Severn, an airman. Evelyn Codington was his girlfriend but she decided that she liked me better and I had to move out of the apartment because I did not like the situation. A neighbor of Rod and me was James (Jim)and Mickee Short. Jim was also an avid photographer and an airman.

From San Antonio I moved to Houston. There I met Ruth Blanks, whose nick name is Gypsy. She and I were very good friends. I also met Ann Torney whose parents were Ukrainian Catholic. I was familiar with the parish and on good terms with the priest.

Ann brought her parents to my apartment one day. I do not remember why. I just remember her showing them the icons on the wall of my living room. Those same icons are still on the wall of my living room. They were given to Ruth and me by two Russian Catholic brothers who were also priests: Fr. Alexis and Fr. Seraphim.

From Houston I moved to Sherman TX. There I met Bonnie Lucke through a used car dealer. Bonnie and I became good friends. One Sunday morning she came over to my house on time [she was notorious for being late] and took me to St. Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas for Liturgy. After the Liturgy and before we left the cathedral, she said to me, "Now, Michael, I see why you travel so far to get to church." A few weeks later she committed suicide because her parents thought that we were going together and kidnapped her children.

I eventually moved to Dallas and became friends with Connie Moody, Bonnie's sister. I was working as a computer operator for a company in Dallas and I called her one evening. She was laughing the whole conversation. We finally got together and became very good friends.

I often walked around the area with two or three cameras and as a result I photographed Donna Sloan one day, Mary Hilton Smith on another day, and Gayle Henderson and Tara on another day. They were all photographed at Bachman Lake, a park just down the street from where I was living. Sandy Holder worked with Gayle and Tara. Through one of Donna's friends I met Ruth Prickett. Sandy moved to another state and Tara moved to Detroit area. I don't remember Tara's last name.

Myndy Eisman was a co-worker and good friend. We went out to lunch together and we both were fired by the City of Garland.

When I returned to Washington DC, I started taking courses. In one of my classes was Phyllis Levy. She and I became very close and the wife of one priest tried to get me to marry her. But she is a Jew and in the Orthodox Church we can marry on baptized persons. I strongly support this rule. I cannot imagine my going to Pascha midnight service without my wife if I were married. Phyllis came with me to several social activities of the parish.

Connie Herring of blessed memory was another friend. We have known each other since grammar school. Her oldest sister Jean was in my sister's class.

If you happened to do a Goggle or other search and came across any of the above names and you know the person, let me know.


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