From an early age I have had interest in transportation. But I never really developed an advocacy until I moved to Baltimore and had to rely on MTA Maryland to get around.

In San Antonio I took a course entitle Transportation Planning and I did a paper which compared the San Antonio transit system with the DC bus system. This was before Metro.

In Baltimore I became interested in public transportation and when I learned about the Transit Riders League I joined and was elected secretary several times. When a conflict developed between TRL and its parent organization CPHA, many of us left TRL and created a new organization called the Transit Riders Action Council of Metropolitan Baltimore (TRAC). I also eventually joined and I have been secretary for several years now.

Today I strongly believe that Baltimore needs a real subway system. What we have now is a disgrace. We need an underground system that can get people around the city without having to worry about marathons and other traffic problems.

Our former governor supported a "bus rapid" system which is a joke. Buses cannot get the number of people around the city the way rail can. But a rail system also needs to be designed in such a way that it will not become obsolete in 20 years and in such a way that it can grow in the future. The system in DC is great, but they already reached capacity in less than 50 years.

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